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Tips and Guidelines for Buying Marijuana in California
California was the very first American state to legalize the use of medical marijuana in the year 1996 and it took it a little while before going ahead to legalize the product for recreational purposes as well. In November 2016, the voters in the state approved Proposition 64 which made the Golden State the fifth state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Reading through this article is the best way of enlightening oneself with everything that one needs to know, understand and do before proceeding to make a cannabis purchase to ensure that they do not end up breaking the law in the long run.

First on the list is the age as it plays a crucial role when buying marijuana in California today considering that one must be 21 and above to make a successful purchase of the product. Anyone under the age of 21 is thus not allowed to buy marijuana in California in addition to smoking, vaping and eating anything containing marijuana. It does not matter whether it is on private property but buying weed for anyone below the legal age is a criminal offense in California.

The state also restricts the amount of cannabis that individuals have in their possession at a moment. Even though the use of weed is legal in the golden state, it is still not possible for people to have as much marijuana as they want in their possession as there are limits set to guard people against overstocking the same. Anyone that chooses to buy marijuana in California must understand that it is only legal to have 28.5grams of the product at a time which equals to about one ounce. As for those that choose to walk around with concentrated cannabis, they are only allowed to have 8 grams in their possession which explain why anyone that wants to avoid marijuana possession charges must stay under the set limits all the time.

The use of marijuana in California’s [public places is illegal and one should only use it when they are on private property. It is not just the bar or restaurant that one cannot use their marijuana but also any federal land and break so means that one is going against the law which is something no one wants to risk. Other tips include not driving after using marijuana, not leaving the state with possession of the same and also making purchases from reputable dealers and also using it in private properties that allow the same as well.

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